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Maryel International School | Welcome

On September 11, 2013, Maryel International Preschool opened its doors in Manhattan in New York

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Maryel International Preschool. As the founder of Maryel I could not be happier with the opening and the progress of this unique school in Manhattan. Being born in Spain and moving to the United States, four years ago, has allowed me a taste of both worlds.

On September 11, 2013, Maryel International Preschool opened its doors after three long years of intensive labor and research. This process was made possible by the joint collaboration with our partners in Spain.

For much of the twentieth century it seemed possible that English could become the world language. It is now clear that we are moving into a multi-cultural and multi-lingual world. English looks set to remain the universal language; however, being able to speak and write in only one language is no longer sufficient.

But speaking and writing are only half the story. Behind different languages are different ways of thinking and different cultures. Young people are uniquely privileged to learn these skills and aptitudes as a fundamental part of their education. Studies show that learning another language not only provides extra opportunities and abilities for the child but it also boosts cognitive development and enriches and enhances educational programs.

Since Maryel’s opening, we have had a very clear objective: to be of example and reference to other preschools in New York City, since we are the only school that offers an English and Spanish dual language program with an international curriculum. In a harmonious union, the European and the American school systems combine and results in this beautiful mixture that is Maryel.

This delicate combination attained at Maryel allows our students to reach academic and personal excellence, and the essential support needed when transitioning into the best public and private schools of this city or any city in the world. From the very beginning, Maryel International has been a small school which has reinvested its profits. This is a particularly important characteristic at a time when so many schools are falling into the hands of huge educational corporations that are obliged to provide returns for their shareholders. Maryel International wishes to remain a close knit community where it is possible to know everybody on a more personal level.

I would like to thank everyone whose contributions helped to make this school a reality.

Celine Cacho





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