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Maryel International School | Faq

What age can my child start preschool?
The youngest age that the preschool offers enrollment is 2 years. That is, your child must turn 2 by the first day of school.

How is separation handled?
Separation anxiety is common in preschool, and we fully understand that it can be challenging for both the children and parents. In order to make the separation process easier for the child to acclimate to his/her new environment, we have come up with a schedule that will accommodate children at the beginning of the school year. However, if your child needs extra time during the separation process, we will modify on an individual basis. We respect the pace of each individual child and our teachers are caring and patient during this phase-in process. The teachers will also work closely with the caretakers to ensure a smooth transition.

How big is the class size?
Our preschool class has a maximum of 12 children with 2 teachers, and a third floater teacher is also present when a class needs extra support.

Toilet training policy
Your child does not need to be toilet trained before starting the school. Learning to use the toilet is like learning any new skill, it takes time. Each child learns at his/her own pace. While some children learn to use the toilet within one week, for many others the process will be a much longer one. Your child will eventually learn to use the toilet at his/her own time. By working in partnership with your child’s teacher, the process of learning to use the toilet can be a positive and gratifying experience for all concerned.

Toilet training is conducted in a relaxed manner. Therefore, when your child is ready for toilet training, we ask that you begin the process at home during a weekend or vacation. We will follow through and encourage your child while in our care.

Does the school provide snacks/lunch?
No, parents need to bring snacks and lunch for children who are in our extended program.

Since so much of the day school curriculum is taught in Spanish, is there a risk that my child will fall behind in English?
National studies have shown that children in dual-language programs, as a group, perform the same or better than their monolingual English speaking peers in achievement tests in math, reading, and writing.

How can I best help my child at home if I don’t speak Spanish?
You do not need to speak Spanish to be supportive of your child’s learning. Attending our parents’ workshops and reaching out to your child’s teacher via email for further clarification are all useful venues for support. Classroom newsletters and weekly updates give helpful background information about students’ day-to-day activities at school.

What is the language background of students in the program?
Maryel International celebrates diversity as part of our mission. However, it may be surprising to hear that most of our Spanish language learners come from English speaking households.





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